CoronaVirusOutbreak | Janata Curfew Social Distancing & Humanity: PM Urges Citizens to Stay at Home

CoronaVirusOutbreak | Janata Curfew Social Distancing & Humanity: PM Urges Citizens to Stay at Home
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday appealed to the nation to observe a 'Janata Curfew' on March 22.
"This will be a symbol of our self-restraint and a resolve of our duties in national interest. It will prepare us for future challenges," Modi said. He appealed to all citizens who are not engaged in providing essential services to stay indoors from 7 in the morning till 9 in the evening. He also urged them to express their appreciation for the work being done by those in hospitals, airports, home delivery and transport sector by ringing their door bells or by clapping for five minutes at 5 in the evening on Sunday.
"For the past two months, lakhs of people have been working day and night, including doctors, airline staff, housekeeping staff, police, media, home delivery... These are not normal services. These people are themselves in danger of getting infected. The country is obliged to them. At sharp at 5pm, we should stand on our doorsteps and keep clapping hands and plates, ring bells for five minutes to salute and encourage them," Modi said in a move to bring some positivity amid the prevailing atmosphere of gloom due to the pandemic.
In his first address to the nation since the first case of coronavirus was reported in the country, Modi appealed to the business community to be "sensitive" towards those who may not be able to report to work in the coming days.
"The pandemic has greatly impacted the economic well-being of middle, lower-middle and poor sections of society. I appeal to the business community to be sensitive to the economic interests of all those people whose services you're using. It is possible that in the coming few days, they may not be able to report to work. I appeal that you don't cut their wages. That you decide humanely and sensitively. They also have to feed their families."
He asked people to avoid routine check-ups at hospitals for the next few weeks in a step to avoid crowding. He also urged people who had booked appointments for elective surgeries, those that are not immediately necessary, to postpone their engagements by at least a month.
The PM also announced the formation of a COVID-19 task force under the supervision of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and it would work with state governments to ensure that the economic impact of the pandemic was contained as much as possible.
Besides, he advised people against panic buying. "Steps are being taken to ensure that supply of milk, food items and medicines is not stopped," Modi said.
“Resolve and restraint: with these two qualities, India can fight the menace of Covid-19,” he said.
Apart from March 22, in the coming weeks too, people should remain indoors as much as possible, especially those above 65 years of age, as social distancing is the only effective preventive action against the spread of this pandemic.
The PM made an emotional appeal to fellow Indians and advised them against being complacent in the fight against the pandemic.
"Till now, whatever I have asked for, you have given me. Today, I've come to ask for your time. Next few weeks... One thing that has been seen in countries which have been affected by coronavirus is that suddenly, after a few cases are reported, there is an explosion in the number of cases... If you think nothing will happen to you, if you roam around in market... it's not the right attitude," Modi said, adding such an attitude will jeopardise the person and his family.
There was only one mantra to fight this pandemic Modi said, "Hum Swasth, toh Jag swasth (If I'm healthy, then the world is healthy)."
To combat rumours and quack theories on fake cures of the epidemic, the PM asserted that till now, no cure or vaccine has been found for the dreaded disease, which is why it is incumbent upon the people to take as much precaution as possible.
The Prime Minister said that in the current atmosphere of apprehension, there may be times when "our expectations as citizens remain unfulfilled, still, this crisis is so grave that despite these difficulties, we must face it with firm determination and focus all our energies towards protecting ourselves from the coronavirus."
He ended his speech with best wishes for the upcoming Navratri festival. "In a few days, the festival of Navratri will be upon us. It is the festival of ‘Shakti’ (power). As India marches ahead with all its might, that is my wish, that the entire humankind and India fight this pandemic successfully," Modi said.

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